A positive Holiday season for Blu-ray

During CES, the Blu-ray Disc Association released sales numbers for the Holiday season and they look fairly positive:

  • Nearly 1,100 BD titles now available
  • 24 million discs sold in 2008; compared to 5 million discs sold in 2007
  • The panel also addressed the main concerns that folks have about Blu-ray – the cost of players and titles, and alternative means of downloading HD movies to own over Broadband:

    The comparatively high cost of Blu-ray players and movies continues to keep many consumers from jumping aboard. However, the panel cited the increased number of players whose price dropped below $200 this holiday season. “Low end pricing will go lower,” said Richard Doherty of Envsioneering.

    As for the competition posed by digital downloads, the panel believes that cost and availability of high-speed broadband will prevent streaming media from surging ahead of Blu-ray.

    As for me, I’m still a fan of the PS3 if you’re dying to get a player. The street expects the price to drop. Even Microsoft has weighed in on rumors that the PS3′s price will drop below $399 in the next few months. Unfortunately for Sony, this will mean a further loss on each unit which cost around $448 each to build. Ouch!

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