ODST makes the Game Console decision easier, but still undecided!

With the announced price reductions of the PS3 and XBox 360 to right around $299 each, its a great time to buy for the Holiday season. I’m a fan of both quite honestly. The PS3 is by far the best Blu-ray payer out there and has got some great exclusive games. That said, the revamped 360 interface is very cool and very user friendly, it appears to handle updates/patches in a better fashion, and has a better movie experience with Netflix integration. Then, there is this:

A live action Halo 3 spot produced by MJZ with Visual effects and Post Production by Asylum (Terminator Salvation, Benjamin Button, Pirates of the Caribbean II and III). Its been a while since I’ve spent time in an FPS, and Halo 3 ODST looks like an insane game.

So, help me out – which console and which games for Christmas and why (and don’t say both – lets have a little commitment here!).

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